CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad In Japan Program is designed to provide a fully integrated support for foreign students. We assist education plans to ensure achievements and introduce the part-time jobs to students to self-support their livings. And we also support students to find employments when they are graduated.

Affordable initial cost

Initial investment amount is almost the same as the cost of College, Universities of your country.

Part-time job support with the member corporation

We support and counsel for foreign student to the member corporation to get part-time job.

Employment Support

In order to get the highest study results, we also provide many supports. It will help students to study and get jobs in Japan.

Our Mission

From the time to consider studying abroad to the time of studying in Japan, we provide assistance in application procedures, livelihood support, counseling and assist to troubleshoot other problems when living in Japan, and our assistance also extends to schooling in Japan until the return to home countries through the networks of “CHIKYUJIN” with the continuous practice of “symbiotic” movement. I reckon these are the missions of our foundation.